is a process of meditation that creates

physical, psychological & spiritual healing

using the

Theta brainwave. 

Theta Brainwaves


a divine state of mind 

which was previously believed to be accessible only

in deep sleep or yogi-level deep


In this mindset the brain opens up and it is possible to


to divine energy
before it becomes
anything in this universe.
The energy that flows through Everything.
The visible & the invisible.
The touchable & the untouchable.

Through this Connection

we can manifest profound changes in our lives.

We can witness healings.
Change limiting beliefs.
 And receive
accurate readings.

Dropping the Veils

When we tap into the divine energy of creation

we learn how to drop

the veils of our limitations 

so that we can realize

that we are not separated

but connected to


The Roadmap

ThetaHealing® offers a step-by-step journey to retrieve our psychic, creative

and healing abilities back,

through spiritual awareness. 

It is our joy
to teach and share
the ThetaHealing journey with you
in our ongoing
seminar program.  

If you would like

to learn more about ThetaHealing,

we are looking very forward

to meeting you in our

open Introduction Evenings.

in a personal session.
In our space in Berlin
or via telephone or Skype.

Meet Vianna Stibal 

It all started in 1995 with the spontaneous healing of Vianna's cancer in her leg. ThetaHealing® began when Vianna realized that she could teach other people the method she used to heal herself.  

The founder of ThetaHealing®

Based in Montana, USA, she is committed to spreading her healing paradigm throughout the world. Since two decades, she and her husband Guy are travelling around the world training Theta

Healing® instructors and practitioners.

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