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"We don't need fixing, because we are not broken.

We might need to pause and let go of what weighs us down. But then to move forward. To be the adventurous, courageous world travellers

that we came here to be."

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I imagine visiting my younger self from 10 years ago, whispering: Keep going! Everything is going to be fine. Trust your inner Self that it has a plan for you. There are divine forces that watch over you & that conspire to help you in every way they can. You are going to be so happy!

I believe that's true for all of us! We all come here with things we want to learn, accomplish & share.
We might forget what this is, but life, the universe, the creator doesn't.

Following her path.

In 2012 Carolin followed her inner calling of being a full-time healer & metaphysical teacher: Theta Spirit was born. 

Side by side with her husband Constantin they are working and creating the Theta Spirit.

Dedicated to helping others finding their way home - to their true Self. 

Carolin is giving healings sessions online in German and English.


"I started this journey because I needed healing. My body, my heart, my mind was overwhelmed and exhausted from all the different voices and influences of this world. From: Who am I supposed to be? To: Who do I want to be? And finally: Who am I? I didn't know anymore. I was lost in a world that I always had a hard time to adapt and fit into. I was in my 20ies and already tired from trying to find my way. I always knew that it could be different. That life was never meant to be a struggle.

And so I went down the rabbit hole and never stopped being in awe about the mysteriousness and wonder of this miracle of life."

Life with meditation, healings, spiritual teachings - Self Realization.

"Healing  to me is the journey
into Being whole."

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