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"You have difficulties?

Great! This means you are on your way.

Let's see how we can make it easier."


I come from a family line of strong believers, intuitives and healers. They all have an unshakeable faith in a god of their own understanding.

That just runs in my DNA.

Since I was a little boy I knew that I would help people. That I would be some kind of a healer.

You know? Some things you just know about your life. Many other aspects I had to search and try and find my way and still do that. But never with this part.

Following his path.

Love brought Constantin to Berlin. His heart is Greek. His soul is a world traveller.

He shares his life with Carolin and their three cats surrounded by lakes, lots of trees and nature. Dedicating his life to help animals and fellow human beings to awaken to their true Self.

Constantin is giving sessions in English and Greek.


"It fills my heart to participate in changing the planet - one person at a time. It all starts with the self, in that case my-self. The more I clear myself from misunderstandings and limiting beliefs the more I can be of service to others. It is an ongoing dance of bringing more light to myself and helping others to invoke their own.

I dream of a world in which everyone who wants to, no matter the age from small to old, knows about their true self: Where we all come from, what all of this here is about, knows how to communicate with universal truths. A world in which we all learn and grow through our best qualities and virtues and unnecessary pain and hard lessons are behind us.

Life with meditation, healings, spiritual teachings - Self Realization.

Connecting, loving,

travelling & celebrating. 

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