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ThetaHealing® Προχωρημένο Επίπεδο

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In Advanced ThetaHealing® you will have through guided exercises an experience with each plane of existence and learn how to use them in healing with the mind.

The planes of existence provide us a conceptional framework for understanding how and why creation works on the physical and spiritual levels and how this relates to all of us on all levels of our being: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.

Understood and applied they provide the much needed balance for us.

Was Du mitnimmst:

In these two foundation classes - Basic & Advanced DNA - you receive an in depth guide to belief, feeling, digging, gene work, insights into the Planes of Existence, and the believes that are essential for spiritual growth.

The focus is teaching how to access healing abilities from the Seventh Plane of Existence using unconditional love from the Creator of All that is.

• Hundreds of Feeling-Downloads for all walks of life that help you vibrate higher​

• Readings with deceived loved ones.

• How to energetically clear spaces.

• Understanding your own soul journey.

• How to release yourself from too much anger, regret, resentment.

• How to reprogram your cells to self love and acceptance.


… and so much more!


Με φυσική παρουσία: 3 ημέρες

από 9:00 έως 16:30


Online: 4 ημέρες

από 10:00 έως 15:00



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Theta Spirit

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