Accept Yourself

All is well. For real!

Accept yourself

What to expect

“For many years I felt like if I don’t solve something that is bothering me (emotional, physical, finance, relationships) I cannot move forward if I don’t solve that.

In order to be better, as a person, a healer I have to solve this otherwise I cannot be what I want to be.

This I saw in many people that came for classes or sessions.

They have been working on a problem for years but you are coming back again + again to the same problem. You feel there is something that is holding you back.

You don’t understand why. You did so many sessions. You tried so many techniques. You did so many classes.

But nothing works. Nothing is improving.

I realized that this is the case with so many of us.

We think this certain way that we have to be somehow in order to achieve, to move forward.

When we think this is my weakness, my dark side. This is something I don’t want to show.

This is a big obstacle.”

What you take

"This part that is bothering us and that we want to push away from us. That in truth this part has a very important part to play in our life. This part was given to us in order to learn something, to see.

It was given to us for a reason. It is not something that you have to run away from, to overcome, to heal, to change, to do something about it.

It is only something you need to accept as part of your life.

You need to understand why it is there. To welcome into your life. To be intimate with.

To accept it like the best part of you.

The same way you accept your best parts you have to embrace this part that you are running away from, that you are rejecting.

Like this you can move forward easily.

The other way brings us only inner conflict.”

- Goran Karna


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