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The Diseases & Disorders seminar is the result of Vianna Stibal's countless healing sessions. In her many years of practice, she has worked with thousands of clients on various diseases and disorders. She could see recurring patterns. Each disease has its own characteristics and is based on specific belief programs of the person. Similar beliefs can lead to certain diseases. Likewise, Vianna came to realize that her own fears and dislikes about certain illnesses affected her ability to witness healings.

On each of the 10 class days we focus on the individual blockages regarding diseases. Our goal is to share the creators perspective that cancer is as likely to heal as a cold. Because our deep beliefs in what is possible and what is not is the key ingredient in allowing healing to happen. Only when we know it is possible we can witness healing and change.

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We discuss many of the diseases from Vianna's book "Healing Diseases and Disorders". You'll gain a profound understanding of various diseases from an intuitive perspective. Plus the specific physical, mental and emotional components of the diseases. Which behaviors, emotions and thought patterns are based on and thus the disease arises.

Each day you will get to know yourself better: Your own (genetic, historic) fears and expectations around illnesses and healings.
Identifying and dissolving your own belief programs that prevent your success as a body intuitive.


10 days (11 in total)


2 x 5 class days from 9 - 4:30 pm

In between 1 free day



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