You & Your Significant Other

Growing Together in Love.

ThetaHealing® Growing your relationships Part 1: You and your significant other

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You and your significant other will help you in your relationship. 

Help you learn how to get closer to your loved one. How to let your partner know you completely and really love you. 


The Soul Mate class supports us in clearing the way so that true love can come into our lives.

But now that it is here? What now?

How do we deal with this love? With this partner?

How do we keep the love not only alive, but grow it stronger and stronger?

How to control those automatic behaviours, patterns, fears and feelings that let us repeat what we know Does Not work?


While in the movies the story of the lovers closes with the Happy End. In real life this is very the adventure just begins.

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Now a new chapter opens and it is not anymore about finding that special one, but staying together for the right reasons, growing together, sharing life together.

In the past is the dreaming about a juicy, exciting, passionate, fulfilling love, but now that it is here to fully participate in it. So that it can actually happen.

With all that it requires from us of self awareness and changing and letting go and opening up.


This is what the You and your significant other seminar is all about. It wants to assist us in taking this next step in our evolution. To grow out of love-limiting patterns of our ancestors and other times and places. And to grow into really loving each other. A real connection. A real union of hearts and souls.


In person: 2 days

from 9 am - 4:30 pm


Online: 3 days

from 10 am - 3 pm



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Online via Zoom

You can download it here.


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