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ThetaHealing® Introduction

Τι να περιμένεις:

You heard about ThetaHealing® and would love to know more?

You are on a quest on remembering who you are?

Whatever your personal intention might be we are welcoming you warmly to our free open

introduction evenings. We love to introduce you to the ThetaHealing® modality that helps you to connect with your power to change your life for good!

And also to meet us - the team and what we in the Theta Spirit can offer to support you on your journey.

Τι παίρνεις μαζί σου:

In our open evenings you are invited to experience ThetaHealing® first hand yourself.

Through a guided meditation you experience a Theta brainwave that opens up for cleansing, balancing, healing and for true communication with yourself and the creator-of-all-that-is.

The evening is designed to assist you in feeling if ThetaHealing® is for you.


At 6:30 - 7:30 pm



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Online via Zoom

You can download it here.




teas & water

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Ανυπομονούμε να σε δούμε!

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