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ThetaHealing® Rainbow Children

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Rainbow Children is the unique seminar in the ThetaHealing® training program to expand and train your intuitive senses (= clairvoyance , clairaudience, intuitive feeling, and knowing). And that, with a wealth of practical experiences and exercises.

The seminar was developed by Vianna Stibal for children of all ages to assist them to access their inherent potential - their "Rainbow qualities". Especially for children it is still so easy to feel connected and discover with joy, wonder and fun: That everything is possible!

The Rainbow Children seminar is taught for two different age groups:​

1. Children from 7 - 12 years (the children can come alone or with parents if desired).
2. Teenagers & young adults from 13 to 18 years. 

Τι παίρνεις μαζί σου:

▪ Discover your psychic senses.

▪ Understand the world you live in: The 7 Planes of Existence.

▪ How to send spirits to the light and be unafraid of any dark, weird stuff ("monsters").

▪ How to change limiting beliefs & how to create feelings that you never felt before.

▪ Meet your guardian angels.

▪ We invite faires and elementals into a crystal ball - take a picture so that we can see them with our physical eyes.

… and so much More fun!


5 days

from 9:30 am - 4:00 pm



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Online via Zoom

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