Rainbow Children for Adults

Closed Eyes Wide Open.

ThetaHealing® Rainbow Children for Adults

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Rainbowchildren is the unique seminar in the ThetaHealing® class program to enhance and train your psychic abilities.

The seminar was developed to help us to step up into our innate creative energies: The 'Rainbow' qualities.


As children we had to learn to not take in everything from all around us. As teenagers we learned to close us to the world around us. And now is the time to open up again.

This step includes the discernment of knowing what is ours and what isn't. This defines the difference between being aware and conscious and overwhelmed.

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The 'Rainbow Initiation' focuses on the joy, the wonder and the remembering of the magic of our own being and every other being around us.

You'll receive new exercises and informations and prepares you in a delightful way for the advanced class DNA 3.


4 days

from 9 am - 4:30 pm



to be



Online via Zoom

You can download it here.


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