Rhythm Weight(R)evolution

You & Your Body = Love

ThetaHealing® Rhythm to a Perfect Weight

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Your body & You.

It is about Love.

Love for yourself.

Love for your magnificent body. 

Maybe your body carries weight from:

...other (life) times.

... family members or ancestors.

... stuck emotions and thoughts.

Maybe along the way you unlearned how to listen and communicate with your body. 

In this 1 day seminar we will focus on all of that. We will have a close look to subconscious limiting beliefs around food, nutrition, exercise, body image and self-love.

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This is more than just about weight-releasing! 

It is about finding a real rhythm for your mind, body and spirit, while tapping in to your inner beauty and love for yourself.

You will discover how to use ThetaHealing® in allowing a strong, healthy, and beautiful body that you love!


In person: 1 day

from 9 am - 4:30 pm


Online: 2 days

from 5 am - 8 pm


Aug 11 + 12 |


Online |

Carolin |



Theta Spirit

Droysenstrasse 18

10629 Berlin (Charlottenburg)



Online via Zoom

You can download it here.


Vianna's book:

ThetaHealing® Rhtythm

For Finding Your Perfect Weight

teas & water

+ class certificate

Η επένδυση στον εαυτο σου

198 € | 179 € Online

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