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   So nice that you are here!

This is a space for inner transformation.

If you are here for a personal session

we meet in a space of love, calm, focus and intentions.

Take off your shoes, have a seat and while you make yourself comfortable with a cup of tea make your intention for the session clear.


If you are here for an event remember what it is about.


You will be heard, seen and transformed.

In this space of heightened awareness you can change without feeling like loosing yourself. Please bring only You in an open heart and mind. Your notebook; maybe some water. Leave all other stuff aside.


Have you ever imagined what is possible for you?

Let’s find out.

Please consider:

  • Coming a bit in advance so that you can arrive, settle in, meet other people, enjoy our little shop with crystals, essential oils and books.

  • But most importantly to quietly sit down and connecting with the intention that brought you here in the first place. “What is it that I want with the help of the event?” Your heart, your spirit knows what change, realization, transformation is about to happen.

  • The awareness that we will change pushes us sometimes to bring more of what reminds us of our ‘old’ self. Please only bring with you what is necessary to attend the event. This space is created with love and care and you will have everything you need.

Good to know.

When you participate in an in person event:


  • Be on time: Please arrive 10 - 20 minutes in advance - the 1st day of an event: 20 - 25 minutes in advance.

  • Coming in: Please leave your shoes at the door (bring extra socks if you wish), complete your registration at our reception and after that choose your seat. Remember to carry only what is necessary for the event and minimize unnecessary walking around.

  • Food: There are plenty of beautiful places nearby where you can have food during lunch break. If you wish to bring your own food you can enjoy it in the beautiful Rose Garden (next to our space) or the ‘Lietzensee’ lake (a 10 minute walk). Remember to bring everything you need for your lunch and to clean up after yourself. If you only bring a sandwich it is also possible to eat in the kitchen in our space. Of course only during the lunch break.

When you participate in one of our online events:

  • Please make sure to read the guidelines that you will receive in the booking confirmation email.

Good to know.

Here're some ideas of where to start:

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