New here?

Now that you landed here our hunge is

that we have a lot in common:

  • You are searching for

    answers about life.

  • As life was not given with

    a manual to any of us.

  • How to live a really good

    life with abundance of:

  • Love, health, money, time freedom & purpose.

  • You know that you are here to do something on this earth.

  • You feel urgency, a push inside you to move forward. Now. 

How do we know?

We have been there.

The requests that we sent out to the universe went something like this:


“There must be a High way to change myself, a faster road to update my subconsciousness...”

We have been asking the same kind of questions.


“There must be more to all of this. More than working in a save job, having some holidays, go shopping... But how? How do you live a fulfilling, meaningful life?”

And as always

Life Answered.

For Constantin

... while he was searching the internet about the Theta brainwave that he had heard helps to reprogram the subconsciousness fast. The page that popped up again and again was the page of this woman called Vianna Stibal and her technique "ThetaHealing®" ...

For Carolin

Her prayers got answered through angels. Back then angels were her doorway into the invisible realms and they helped her to cross paths with her soul friend Sophie, who happened to be an energy healer & who just learned this brand-new technique ...

And so it began what was to be continued.

Have we found what we were looking for?

We got the tools to reach our goals and dreams.

To create a life of meaning, purpose and more & more moments of bliss.

And we can truly say

our lifes have 

changed profoundly.

And we know that there is so much more ahead.

It is a path.

A heart & mindset.

A way to navigate through life. 

And it is our joy and honour to share

with you all that we have learned so far. 

You want to get started?

  • Introduction


    Get a peek into what it is all about in our open Get - to - know each other and the technique events.


  • Sessions

    Personal Appointments

    Have a full experience in a 60 minutes session with reading, healing and belief work.

    143 EUR

  • Basic DNA


    This is the foundation class in which you learn ground breaking tools to transform your mind & life.

    469 EUR

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