A time out for yourself.


Was Dich erwartet:

A time out. Taking yourself out from your day to day life to have time for yourself and what is important for you now.

A place is waiting for you that is supportive in opening up naturally: Warmth, sun and the unique light of Mediterranean Sea. The sea with a warm breeze. Delicious food.

Like minded people are coming here together with the common interests of spirituality and freeing themselves from inner limitations. They will come to class from various places which makes the belief work so much richer as different belief systems help you to go faster deeper.

Sometimes the easiest way to gain new insights and ideas about ourselves and how we want to live is when we get away from everyday life.

Why a retreat?

It is not about only talking of what is possible but to give yourself the actual chance on a physical level to experience that what you wish for.

You put yourself into an adventure and adventures bring some risk. You challenge your feeling of safety but not your real safety. You challenge your comfort zone but not your comfort. You challenge your feeling of not having enough time but giving yourself more time to yourself.

From the moment you take the decision with all the doubts and uncertainty your journey of Katharsis starts. You make your plans, you pack, you got to the airport, you are in the plane,

you get your suitcase and you step out and you now: I am here to change. You smell it, you feel it. You know.

All of our senses become more intense. More attention is paid to what is happening in and outside. The brain takes it all in which also helps to absorb the class material deeper.

On a retreat you can take your mind of all the daily things. No cleaning, no cooking. Everything is taken care of. The daily schedule gives ease to the mind - no need to do any plans - it’s Me time in the best sense.

A retreat is a special time. The preparation, the effort, the journey itself is like a Katharsis. It is all part of the gift of giving something really good to ourselves. And then the home coming. We are back and might see our lives with fresh eyes.

Yes, you could take the class in your hometown and it would be less investment of time, money and effort. And that would also be fine. But then a retreat is a retreat. Your heart already tells you if it is for you or not.

Was Du mitnimmst:

What you take? Here is what you are offered:

A deeper and more intense experience.

Enhanced belief work.

More sun.

The benefits of nature.

Good service and hospitality.

Like minded people, maybe even friends.

We are on an adventure all together.

What you take? It is up to you!

We are looking so very forward to our time together!


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Wir freuen uns sehr auf Dich!

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