Intuitive Anatomy

The miracle that you are.

ThetaHealing® Intuitive Anatomy

What to expect

Intuitive Anatomy is the pulsating heart in the ThetaHealing® seminar program.

It is the seminar that simply makes the difference. 

Among participants the opinion of: 

"There is life before the Intuitive Anatomy and life after!"

- is widely spread.

What you take

You will have many Aha - moments and understand yourself and your life with more love, wonder and compassion. As well as understanding the ThetaHealing® technique much deeper.  

Daily you leave behind limiting beliefs, emotions and issues that are stored in the different body systems. Through the 15 days, daily practice you will train your psychic senses so much that your reading skills can expand to a whole new level. 

Vianna Stibal knows why she calls the class "Bootcamp for Intuitives".

In the USA there is the term of "Medical Intuitives" which refers to someone who is highly trained, accurate and reliable in intuitive body scans.

Exactly this ability of being a "Body Whisperer" is what we train in the Intuitive Anatomy, with a daily variety of reading exercises:

• within the group of class students

• with remote scanning of people you know nothing more about than their name

• with guest who come to class in person

Of course you can use your trained skills beyond sole body scans and expand them to all kind of readings.​

You will also be able to increase your "digging" qualities and therefore be with much more self-confidence in each session and witness deeper results.


Through the wide and precious intuitive knowledge that Vianna shares with us, you will understand and love yourself and your body home in a new lightful way.


Literally, you are a different person after this 15 days, since you have released layers of burdens and your being is allowed to vibrate a quantum leap higher.


The aim of the class is to support you to be the best possible practitioner. 
To live your life fulfilled with joy, success and enthusiasm.
And if you wish to accompany others on the same quest.

How to get there?

Apart from knowledge and practice, by freeing yourself from limitations and increasing your own vibration. For that you give yourself space and time during these 15 days.​

Good to know: ​

• Do not expect detailed biology lessons nor in depth anatomical discussions. 
Our main focus is on the intuitive aspect, that's why:"Intuitive Anatomy".​

• If you want to work as a professional ThetaHealer®, this seminar is highly recommended to enhance your skills, confidence and efficency!​

I am looking very forward to this special time together!


15 days (19 in total)

3 x 5 days from 9:00 am - 4:30 pm

In between 2 x 2 free days



to be



Christina Beach Hotel

Antoniou Aretaki 9

73131 Chania, Crete, Greece



The class manual

Body Atlas

Teas & Water

Seminar Certificate

Your investment in yourself

2200 EUR

For payment options, scholarships

or to repeat a class,

please click here.

We look very forward to seeing you!

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