Rhythm Weight(R)evolution

You & Your Body = Love

ThetaHealing® Rhythm to a Perfect Weight

What to expect

Your body & You.

It is about Love.

Love for yourself.

Love for your magnificent body. 

Maybe your body carries weight from:

...other (life) times.

... family members or ancestors.

... stuck emotions and thoughts.

Maybe along the way you unlearned how to listen and communicate with your body. 

In this 1 day seminar we will focus on all of that. We will have a close look to subconscious limiting beliefs around food, nutrition, exercise, body image and self-love.

What you take

This is more than just about weight-releasing! 

It is about finding a real rhythm for your mind, body and spirit, while tapping in to your inner beauty and love for yourself.

You will discover how to use ThetaHealing® in allowing a strong, healthy, and beautiful body that you love!


In person: 1 day

from 9 am - 4:30 pm


Online: 2 days

from 5 am - 8 pm



to be



Online via Zoom

You can download it here.


In Person:

The seminar workbook

The seminar book

Water & Teas




The digital workbook

Digital Certificate

* The online participation in this seminar

requires a book. As we are in subject

of the conditions applied from the digital

and physical booksellers we can not

provide it to you. You are kindly asked to

purchase the seminar book by yourself

in either a physical or digital form.

Seminar book title:

"ThetaHealing® Rhythm For

Finding Your Perfect Weight"

Your investment in yourself

198 € | 179 € Online

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We look very forward to seeing you!