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Buchtipp: Lisa Najjar, Gechannelte Botschaften von "The Famously Dead".

Aktualisiert: 21. Apr. 2020

Bestimmt kennst Du das, das Du über ein Buch "stolperst" - es Dich so tief berührt, dass Du es nicht mehr aus der Hand legen kannst und Du es dann unbedingt teilen musst, damit andere auch den Genuss dieser Bereicherung erfahren?

Denn genau so ist es mir gerade ergangen.

Ich bin so dankbar, dass dieses Buch in mein Leben kam und ab jetzt zu meiner persönlichen Kategorie gehört von: Bücher, die Leben verändern.

Gechannelte Botschaften von Berühmten Verstorbenen:

"Dying to Tell You" - Channeled Messages From The Famously Dead

von Lisa Najjar

Was haben

Marilyn Monroe,

John Lennon, Cleopatra,

Walt Disney, Jesus,

Michael Jackson,

Mutter Maria, Abraham Lincoln,

John Wayne und Mark Twain

(und viele viele mehr) uns zu sagen - jetzt aus dem Jenseits?

[oder wie wir es in unser ThetaHealing® Matrix nennen, aus der 4. Ebene der Existenz]

Jede einzelne Botschaft der verstorbenen Berühmtheiten bereichert mit einem einzigartigen Blickwinkel auf das Leben als Mensch und mit einem anderen Fokus.

Was würden sie heute anders machen?

Was hätten sie sich gewünscht, dass ihnen jemand mitteilt, als sie noch Mensch waren?

Wie ist das Leben nach dem Tod?

Auch wie die Autorin Lisa Najjar dazu kam all diese Berühmtheiten bei sich zu Besuch zu haben ist einfach nur berührend. Im Herzen spürbar ehrlich beschreibt sie offen im Vorwort ihren Weg, ihre Zweifel und Bedenken mit diesen Botschaften an die Öffentlichkeit zu treten. Tatsächlich kamen die "Famously Dead" zu ihr und beauftragten sie das Projekt mit ihnen zu machen. In der Hoffnung, dass ihr Ruhm und ihre Berühmtheit die Menschen dazu veranlasst zuzuhören.

Zu hören, was sie jetzt wissen und uns zurufen.

Damit wir uns erinnern.

Und ist es nicht dass, worum es immer wieder geht?

Auf all den vielen, verschiedenen Wegen.

Durch all die vielfältigen Kanäle.

Sei es in Seminaren, in Sitzungen. In ThetaHealing und vielen anderen Methoden. An sich erinnern. Erinnern, wer wir in Wirklichkeit sind. Erinnern, worum es im Leben geht. Erinnern, warum wir hier sind. Erinnern.

Dieses Buch macht Erinnern ganz leicht.

Und trifft mitten ins Herz.

Hier ist ein Auszug, aus dem was

Tennessee Williams (*1911 ✝ 1983 - Schriftsteller)

uns zuruft. Sein Kapitel lautet: The other side of change.

"Ride the waves! Don’t look back, only forward.

The blessings are ahead, the learning is ahead, and the joy is ahead!

Do you know why we go to the Earth?

For change.

That’s right. We actually go down there to experience change. Are you surprised? There would be no point without change. Now, some like to call it “evolution,” or “enlightenment,” or “growth.” I will stick to the word “change,” because I like it. When we are in the other realms, say, where I am, there is also growth, evolution, and change, but when we are on the Earth we get to live the change! We get a chance to embody the change, to experience the change.

We could’ve just stayed right here, resting on clouds with harps playing. It’s true; we could’ve, after all. We have that choice. As a matter of fact, we choose everything. But here’s the interesting thing: we never choose to stay here. No, we want the Earth experience. And what is the Earth experience? Change.

When life throws you curveballs, know that those are your greatest opportunities to evolve. The things that you do not plan, that “get in your way”—the things that make you stumble, fall, lie down—those places in life are where the juice is! If you can reframe those events, you will then begin to make the most out of these glorious opportunities coming your way.

It’s been said that life is short and, oh, is that true! You’ve set up opportunities and challenges for yourself. They’re growth opportunities. So just know that when they come, you have planned them. You have painstakingly designed those changes, every last detail of them, before you arrived on Earth. Just know that they were created especially for you—by you. They were set up in order to grow your soul. Does that help you? Does it help, knowing that you created all of those supposed obstacles? That they serve you? Your higher self knew this, knew that it would serve you, so it was set up to do so.

And I tell you this: when you cross over to this side and you sit in your recliner and watch your life review with a drink in one hand, and a remote control in the other, you will eagerly look for those places in your drama where you had the most adversity. It will be the highlight of your movie, believe it or not! So, in closing, I would say that the next time you fall on your knees, begging to know why this bad thing has happened to you, just imagine yourself in that recliner, popcorn in hand, on the edge of your seat, just waiting to see what unfolds next in your life. Imagine yourself sitting in suspense, watching what you did next. Make it a good one—the movie, that is! That’s really what it’s about. It’s the only game in town! Thank you so much for allowing me to share my two cents. I hope my words help in some way.

Und hier ein Auszug aus dem, was uns

Davy Jones (*1945 ✝ 2012 - Mitglied der Band The Monkees) wissen lassen möchte

- sein Kapitel lautet: I'm a believer!

"There is still a lot I have not learned here, but I can say that even in this short time, I know that what we believe to be important down there means nada up here.

There is simply no inclination here to be anything but happy and at peace. To unite with others, to support others, to care for and enjoy others. It’s such a nice change from how it all goes down, down there.

So I remain playful. I hope that stays with me because I love that side of me. Not taking things too seriously is a good thing, I think, there or here. What’s the point? What’s to get all serious about, just to find that what we took so seriously and fretted about vanishes into thin air? It seems kind of silly, doesn’t it? Kind of a waste of energy, huh? Try to float through life being as carefree and relaxed as you can, like your best friend, Lori, does. Just float through life. Easy. That’s a good word: easy. Be easy. What a difference it makes to those around you when you do that, not to mention, to your health and life in general. Remember to be easy. That’s what it’s all about here, floating through the days without a care in the world. There is no specific schedule for anything. No schedule to learn, to relax, to plan. The time for everything is just when it feels right. What a way to live, hey?

I like keeping it light, always have. It makes things so much more enjoyable. Even the so-called important stuff can be made so much better with a light touch. When you realize that nothing lasts but love anyway, why be so concerned with the other things? Why be concerned with what to do with other things, how to keep other things—even your health, or relationships, and for sure, material things? There’s no need to cling, that’s for sure. There’s no need to fear change or loss of anything. It’s just not worth your consideration, never mind your energy or focus. Just allow them to float on out of your life if that is what is happening. And be open to seeing the new things that will appear in their place.

Believe me, if you let the things that are ready to go, go, remarkable new things will take their place—whether they’re actual things, or experiences, or people. Don’t hang on to what is ready to go. It just serves no purpose. That is what we are so concerned with on Earth, keeping things, holding on tightly to things. It seems silly from up here because those things just dissolve into nothingness when you let them. It’s time to move on then.

Everyone’s happy here. What’s not to be happy about? It’s like Christmas morning, Las Vegas, love, and vacations all rolled into one—all the time! People need to let their fear of death go! There is absolutely no need to be afraid. You will experience the most profound joy, peace, and love here, with no downside. There is no need to fear losing any of it, ever! There is just nowhere for it to go. It just IS here.

If people could wrap their minds around this truth, that they are more fully alive here than there, wow! Would they ever be afraid?

I am so grateful for this opportunity to pop in and share my new reality with all of you reading this.

Keep it light, people.

Keep it silly. Keep it positive.

Hold onto things loosely.



Und weil alle guten Dinge 3 sind - kommt hier als Drittes und Letztes

Paul Gauguin (*1848 ✝ 1903 - Maler) zu Wort.

Sein Kapitel lautet: Life is Art

"Be brave, all of you, and truly start living your lives!

I urge you to heed my words. If I had done so, if I had spent all of my years living my passion, I may have lived many years longer. You see, when you are alive with passion and fulfilled in that, you can override biology— what the world thinks of biology. Joy and an unlimited spirit are the keys to longevity. Dreaming and moving toward those dreams keeps you young, and a young and happy spirit can keep you going forever! So, please, people—especially you sparkly young people— love yourselves enough to confidently move toward what you authentically want to do. When you do that, the whole world will support you. You will attract what you need and the circumstances of your journey will align with great precision to bring you to the place you envision for yourselves. All you need is a willing spirit and plenty of courage. You will need courage because I can see that not much has changed since I was around; there just isn’t much support for doing your own thing, is there?

I was going to speak to the artists out there, specifically, but how are they separate from the rest?

All of life is art!

Whether you run your own business or care for others, whether you play a sport or a piano, it’s all just art—and that is what I speak to.

Let yourselves off the death hook!

Let yourselves experience true life, then just watch and see how your lives transform before your very eyes.

It will be startling! Whatever keeps you feeling dead inside, toss it out; just change direction. Change whatever you need to in order to give yourselves the gift of life.

I can see that I am starting to repeat myself here, so I will stop.

It’s just that I am so passionate about passion. (...)"

Immer wieder lese ich darin und möchte soviele der Botschaften mit Dir teilen. Aber natürlich liest Du am Besten dieses wunderbare Buch selbst.

Noch gibt es es nur auf Englisch, aber bestimmt möchte es früher oder später in viele, viele Sprachen übersetzt werden, damit all die Menschen, denen es dient im Herzen berührt werden können und sich erinnern.

Lass mich gerne gerne wissen, wie es Dir ergangen ist, wenn Du es gelesen hast.

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