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Your Session

Close your eyes.

Take a deep breath.

Deep we go into the universe of Who You Are.

Thoughts - Feelings - Memories - 

Other times & other places.

And yet always You.


You see - understand - choose again.

Letting go - Letting in. 

With ease & grace.

for Fulfillment from the inside - out.

Private healing session

online with Zoom


60 minutes = 143 EUR

Sessions for all Walks of Life

ThetaHealing® Session 

for Children

We all need extra support from

time to time. 

Sometimes especially when we grow up trying to find our way in this world.

Sessions for children are possible from pregnancy on and for every step

along the way

from child to teenager.

30 minutes = 80 EUR

ThetaHealing® Session

for Animals


When we share our life with animals

they are part of the family.

And like with any other family member we deeply care about their well being.

They might get sick, they might have

behavioural challenges.

They might need help.

We are working free of charge with animals.

Send us an Email with the necessary information concerning 

the animal and we will get in touch with you.


- Space Clearing -

Recharged by your daily surroundings

The energy that is stored in our living space has a huge impact on our well being and our abundance.


In a house -, apartment -, work place

or land clearing all energetic imprints and memories from other times and people are released and cleansed.

So that the space is free of old energies and

ready to be fully charged as your power place.

An energetic surrounding that supports, nurtures and recharges you, your family or co-workers.

Send us an Email with which space

you would like to clear.

The size, amount of rooms etc.

and we get back to you

with an individual offer. 

Crystal Layouts


Crystal Viewing of

the Soul

Travelling through time & space 

with the help of crystals.


In a Layout - Session

crystals are placed

on and around your body. 


Creating a portal that allows us

to go into a deep theta brainwave

and to travel

to past, parallel and future life times.

90 minutes for 180 EUR

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