ThetaHealing Basic DNA

May 14 - 16 


It's about spiritual evolution.

A process of 

growth & change.

You are on your journey 

of remembering.

There is so much more in you.

Waiting for you

to be uncovered.

The  journey to


has just begun.

We are looking so forward in 

supporting you in your Next Steps:

  • Carolin Ehlers

    "Where there is a will,

    there is a way."

    Carolin has changed her life upside down with the help of ThetaHealing. What started out as a journey to heal herself has turned into a passion in helping others in finding joy & purpose.

  • Constantin Dendrinos

    "You are the dreamer

    of your dream."

    Constantin grew up in a seekers family which connected him from early on to search for his own truth & spiritual freedom. He felt that if you have the right tools you can manifest your dreams.

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