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The Theta Spirit

High Up & Down 

And All Around

Into the universe

Of Who You Are.

We are so happy to meet you! 

It seems that we share the same quest:

Discovering, uncovering and growing ourselves into


This is what the Theta Spirit is all about.



The universes that

we all are,

are vast and wide. 

We truly are

an expression of the

overflowing abundance

of life.

Now we all are here,

gathered in this time on earth.

In our physical shoes.

In our overflowing minds.

Inside and outside,

oh so magically intertwined.

Navigating through

human belief systems

that float around earth

since the beginning of time.

It might seem a lot for what we signed up for.

Maybe overwhelming sometimes.

And our small selfs are tempted to give in, thinking:

Who am I in all of this?

Where to begin? 

And as we all are here to learn and grow 

and serve in this magnificent human form,

one thing seems so sure:

We all have what we need to live up to our dreams.

Making this life time

one of our most

favourite in

our soul history.

This is our mission. This is our quest.

​We searched for help in all of this.

And we found teachings and teachers that reminded us about the power of the Mind. The power of intentions, prayers. We learned Energy Healing and Faith Healing. All of which is helping us to keep our true North.

To not get lost in this earthly realm but to unfold ourselves to the best we can be and give to this world.

In Healing Sessions we support you on
your Life's journey.

How We Can Help:

Personal Sessions

Together we dive into 

the universe of

Who - You - Are.


Learn the tools to grow

into the magnificent

person you are here to become.

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