ThetaHealing® is your soul purpose! Free your path as a practitioner + teacher inviting abundance into your life.

Man Preparing to Fly a Plane

Mark Anthony is visiting us with his class that wants to assist us in developing a wealth consciousness in all areas of life.

Group Meditation

We just love the combination of this 15 day seminar and a retreat. A time out. A true gift to yourself. Are you coming?


We just love the combination of a seminar and a retreat. A time out. A true gift to yourself. Are you coming?

Believe that it is possible and so it is. In this 10 days we free ourselves from genetically rooted beliefs around diseases.


Telekinesis, telepathie, working with mitochondria, changing the weather - the impossible becomes possible in DNA 3.

The path of awakening: About laws, virtues, and the gates to heaven. A profound initiation into the planes.


The second step into your potentials as a healer, intuitive reader and self-empowered Being. Soul healing, the (...)


For the spiritual & romantic: Free yourself from blocks that stand between you and true love. Falling in love is ahead.


"You become like the 5 people you spend your most time with." Learn how to choose them wisely and how to open up to them.

Your body & You. It is about Love. Love for yourself. Love for your magnificent body. Release old patterns, habits and beliefs.


The deep and joyful training of opening up your intuition and psychic senses:

Down the rabbit hole of possibilities.

Underwater Dive

The central technique in ThetaHealing® is the belief+feeling work: Change your core beliefs and your reality changes. 

27 topics that help us to keep true love alive - how to nourish it, letting it grow and flourish day by day.


The world is our cradle and we are here to learn. Always being able to fully connect to the creator.


15 days to spend with yourself and the miracle of your body. Clearing feelings and beliefs that are stored in every cell.


Connect deeply to the animal kingdom and its wisdom. Learn how to communicate from heart to heart and (...)

A guideline into the world of consciously manifesting. The Do's and Don'ts. And 130 channeled beliefs that block (...)


"How do I know if I am talking to the creator?" Here you'll receive a map in how to know with who and what you (...)


Apply the 7 stages of success to all areas of your life and step up to be a true leader and player in the game of life.

"We don't see the world as it is, we the world as we are." Letting go of judgments, prejudices, rejection (...)


Join us for a day in nature exploring the world of plants, trees, faires and elementals with our psychic senses.


For all healers, seekers - the curious, the interested: Experience ThetaHealing® for yourself  in our open introduction evenings

Discover the ancient technique of travelling to past, parallel & future life times with a portal created by crystals. 


Your ThetaHealing® journey starts: The remembering of Who-You-Really-Are. With readings, healings & DNA activation.

Father and Son

For children, teenagers & young adults: Joyfully discovering and training the psychic abilities and intuition.


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