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Payment options

  • Credit or Debit card

  • Via Banktransfer:


Theta Spirit

IBAN: DE77 1001 0010 0271 2131 06



We believe in giving and support.


If you feel that you really want to attend one of our seminars, but can not afford it, then let us know.


So you can apply:

Send us an email at least 4 weeks in advance:

  • at which seminar you would like to participate

and why

  • why you would like to receive a scholarship

  • why you believe we should choose you       (from all those who apply for a scholarship?)

Repeating a class

We greatly encourage you in that, because experience shows how helpful and rewarding it is.

Each seminar is unique and takes place exactly once only.                                                        

If you have already completed the seminar with us,                                                           

then your participation fee will be reduced by 50%.                                                 

Click on the box during your online booking                                                   

"Recertificate (TS student)".                                                                          

We look forward to seeing you again!                                            

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