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Welcome to the

Intuitive Anatomy

Retreat 2021

in Crete

When - What - Where - How

... and all the rest you want to know.


The schedule:

The Intuitive Anatomy seminar starts


September 17, at 9:00 am

ends October 3, at 4:00 pm

It’s a 15 days seminar - with 2 days off in between:

  • Sept 16, arrival day

  • 5 days class

  • Sept 22 is the 1st day off

  • 5 days class

  • Sept 28 is the 2nd day off

  • 5 days class

  • Oct 4, departure day


Our class days end at 4 pm which gives you plenty of time in the afternoon to enjoy the island.

Shadow on Concrete Wall

What to expect:
A deep transformational class combined with holidays!

  • a time out from your daily life

  • 15 seminar days with likeminded people from various places

  • with the common intent of learning, healing + uplifting your mind, spirit + body

  • all of that in a supportive, warm, nurturing place full of light

  • to loose a lot of invisible weight 

  • to return home in the lighter version of yourself

  • bringing with you beautiful memories

  • … and maybe even new friends

Please note:


We retreat to recharge - we do not retrieve to get away from life.

what to expect


We stay on the Crete island

- city of Chania

A unique place that offers such a variety that you pick what suits you + your preferences:

  • If you love the energy of nomadic - walking barefoot + feeling loose

  • If you love to enjoy fine wine in a nice restaurant

  • If you love strolling through the old town + absorb culture

  • If you are a beach lover + simply want to spend your time there

In a nutshell: Chania is like a multi-tool that can give you what you need to let different aspects of yourself bloom. All you have to do is choose what you like.

The venue:

Our event hotel is at the beginning (or end - depending from where you look at it)  of Chania.


The 3*** Hotel Christina Beach

is located next to the beach,

a 15 minutes walk from the Venetian port of Chania.


It is a middle size hotel with 36 rooms providing everything we need for our stay.

We arranged with the hotel a special package for our 19 day stay:

  • Studio room with sea view.

  • With a small kitchenette.

You will sleep and wake up to the sounds of the waves.


Price per night is 58€ for one person. Double occupation is 69€.

No food included.


For more impressions hop over to the hotel website.

Read the testimonials at




  • You can retrieve and sit on your balcony with sea view.

  • You can go for a swim in the sea or the hotel swimming pool.

  • The hotel also offers a gym - while going for a run at the beach is also very nice.

  • You can go for a walk on the sandy beach or the beach promenade passing by taverns and restaurants.

  • You can go for a 15 min walk along the sea to the beautiful old town of Chania with countless shops and stroll around and absorb the multiculti scenery of Venetian-Oriental and Cretan lifestyle.


So after class you can simple flow with your day and choose what is right for you.

Image by Despina Galani


Food is not included in the hotel package as

  • there are so many options nearby

  • some wouldn't be happy with standard hotel dishes

Choose what suits you best:

Self preparing/shopping food or eating outside.

  • the hotel also has a snack bar + coffee shop. They serve continental breakfast + typical snacks.

  • backeries, supermarkets, restaurant is all nearby.


After all Crete (and Greece) is famous for its local kitchen and its incredibly tasty veggies + fruits.



The details - book your spot:


Crete is a very popular destination especially in the mild temperatures of September.

Being able to provide you a seminar venue that offers a nice seminar room and accommodation for that price at the beach (!)  makes our heart sing.

Luckily we had professional help from our friend + travel agent Stavros who is the person in charge when it comes to booking your room.

In order to get this fantastic deal the arrangement is that all seminar students stay at Christina Beach Hotel.

The rooms must be booked during July.

After that if other guests want to book they will not hold the rooms for us anymore.

Which means:

Let's do this:

  1. Intuitive Anatomy: Enroll in the class on our website and pay the deposit of 612€.

  2. After that contact Stavros for your room at Christina Beach Hotel. All details below.

  3. Book your flight to Chania Airport - the earlier you book the better the price.

If you cannot pay both - class + room deposit - at the same time. Send us an email we have a solution.


Book your room:

After having completed the seminar booking you will receive a confirmation email.

We will send your name to our travel agent so he can expect you.

Booking the accommodation first might work better for you.

In this case please contact us so we can proceed the other way around.

In any case you must contact us prior your accommodation reservation so you can get the room discount.


We hold  Single and Double occupation Studios as follows:


Single  Studio -  Room only (without breakfast)  58€ per night 

Total cost for 19 nights : 1.102€


Double  Studio - Room only (without breakfast)  69€ per night

Total cost for 19 nights : 1.311€


Accommodation tax of 1,50€ per room per night is not included and should be paid on the spot.


If you would like to check in at an earlier date or check out at a later date please let us know in order to check availability and arrange that for you.



Payment Policy

Deposit of 500€  per room  is required in order to confirm the booking.

The remaining balance should be paid  before 28th of August 2021.


Cancellation policy.

In case of cancellation from the day of confirmation till the 28th of August

you will be charged the amount of the deposit. (500€)

In case of cancellation from 29th of August till the day of Arrival

you will be charged the  full amount of the total stay - so no refund will be made.


In case of cancellation due to the one of the following Covid issues the full amount will be refunded except 30€ handling fee per room.

  • In case the hotel will be closed due to lock down.

  • In case that travel to Greece from your place  will not be allowed due to Covid.




Payment options:


We offer you the option to pay by bank swift transfer or by a credit/debit card as follows:


Bank Details for Bank Swift Transfer


Account Holder: HERAKLIO TRAVEL S.A.

IBAN: GR8902601860000660200308213


Payment by Credit Card

To proceed with a credit card please use the link below:διαθεσιμες-πληρωμες/ταξιδια-μετακινησεις/τουριστικα-γραφεια/heraklio-travel-α-ε-.aspx


This site belongs to the bank and we do not have access at your credit card details or your personal info.


The payment via above link can be completed only from PC or Laptop and not from Tablet & mobile.


Please send a copy of the transaction to the bellow email addresses (to both of them):

Heraklio Travel

Stavros Malamas

+ 30  212 213 5321



The nearest airport is Chania International Airport, 13 km from Christina Beach Hotel for 25€ with a taxi.


There are around 3-hour direct flights from several European cities to Chania Airport with for example easyjet and others.


Flight options are:

  • direct flight to Chania airport or

  • through Athens to Chania

  • direct flight to Heraklion, taking a public bus to Chania (3 hours ride)


The Hotel Address is: Antoniou Aretaki 9, Chania Town, 73131, Greece

Airport - flights:


Your investment:

1750€ class fee

1140€ accommodation

  150€ flight (approx.)

  400€ food (approx. 20€ / day)


= around 3400€ for

19 day trip + a 15 day seminar


Please note - in case of the unfortunate case of cancellation due to Covid:

The only reason we would cancel the class is if flying to Greece is not allowed. Being in quarantine or applying the necessary measurements will not hinder us in doing the seminar (as it doesn't when we are teaching a class in Berlin).

Accordingly the hotel refunds your room payment only in the case that the country is closed and flights are not happening.

The same applies to us.

Having a flight travel insurance might be something you want to consider.


We are so looking forward to

this special time together!

The Intuitive Anatomy alone is

already amazing and having it here together in this scenario? We cannot wait!

If you have any questions we are here to help.

A hug from the heart,

Carolin & Constantin

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