A portal to past, parallel & future live times.

Crystal Viewing of the Soul

What to expect

Discover the ancient technique of travelling to past, parallel & future life times with a portal of crystals. You access a deep theta brainwave with the help of high vibrational crystals that are placed on and around your body. In that opened state of mind you are easily able to experience your soul memories and bring back your best virtues, gifts and qualities from other times and places.

Christina E. High, a close companion of Vianna Stibal created the method 'Crystal Viewing Of The Soul', that we use. Small units are found in several ThetaHealing® classes like the animal, rainbow children and the planes of existence. Here you have the chance to learn and experience the full method and to use the benefits of Crystal Layouts in your healing work.

What you take
  • a peak into the history of time travelling

  • which crystals are the specialists for time travelling and which are not beneficial

  • a safe time travelling guideline that gives yourself + your clients a magnificent experience

  • for which questions + topics Crystal Layouts are highly recommended and for which not

  • practical tipps about how to make a Layout session unforgettable and also trouble shooting: How you help clients that cannot see

... and much more!


1 day from 9 am - 4:30 pm

This is not a

ThetaHealing® class!



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Theta Spirit

Droysenstrasse 18

10629 Berlin (Charlottenburg)





The class manual

teas & water

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Your investment in yourself

197 EUR

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